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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
("San Francisco VI")

LARGE 24" x 36" Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Lithograph on Paper

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco (San Francisco VI) by Thomas Kinkade
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The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only.
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This one is for those who collect San Francisco Scenes!
  • For those who fell in love with San Francisco
  • For those who got married, or had their honeymoon in San Francisco
  • For those who left their heart in San Francisco


  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Lombard St
  • Powell Street
  • City by the Bay
  • Market Street
  • California Street
  • Hyde Street and the Bay
  • Heart of San Francisco
  • AT&T Park SF Giants

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~~ NALED ~~
~~ 2nd Runner-up Graphic/Lithograph of the Year for 1995 ~~

Every Year 30,000 Art gallery dealers, art critics, art reviewers in major publications vote for "Best Graphic/Lithograph" It is called the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers Award ("NALED" Award). This prestigious art award gives recognition to the artist and his art which is equivalent to winning "Best Picture" at the academy awards and propels the artwork into sell-out status.
NALED has selected Thomas Kinkade artwork as Graphic/Lithograph of the Year nine times! Thomas Kinkade received a special award from NALED in 2004 recognizing him as the Most Award Winning Artist in the Past 25 Years!

Thom writes, "I came upon a half-hidden trail overlooking
the bay and ...fog lifted, and before me stood the majestic arch of the
Golden Gate Bridge..."

This artwork came out in only one size, is considered a
Premium artwork from those who collect San Francisco scenes.
Sold out from publisher for many years!
Now found only in private collections

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco ("San Francisco VI")
This the sixth painting in Thomas Kinkade's very popular San Francisco series. Thom lives in what is loosely called the "Bay area" about 1/2 hour from San Francisco. This artwork depicts a magnificent view of the world famous Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Kirby Beach in the Marin Headlands.
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco features a bottle drifting in the water with a love note inside (lower far right-hand corner) which is a special tribute to John Stobart, the famous maritime painter who is known to put a bottle in all of his paintings. There are also 156 N's -- the highest number to date for any of his artworks -- hidden in the artwork (look at the bridge). Thom includes N's in his artworks in tribute to his wife, Nanette.

++++ Limited Edition Signed and Numbered (S/N) Lithograph on Paper (UNFRAMED)

++++ Thom created this painting in 1995

++++ 1995 NALED 2nd Runner-up Lithograph of the Year

++++ Edition Size 3950

++++ Image Size 24" x 36" not including white boarder around artwork (28" x 40" including white boarder)

++++ Printed on Heavy Grade Anti-acid Archival Paper that will last for generations!

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

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++++ Theme: San Francisco bay, Americana, city scene, bridge, lapping waves, landscape, seascape, ocean, nautical.

+++++ And this is what Thomas Kinkade said about this work +++++
"I'm stunned. I've just seen something astonishingly beautiful and unexpected. came upon a half-hidden trail overlooking the bay, and followed it down through a dense eucalyptus forest leading to a small beach. A fisherman there told me, 'Few know about this place, but it's like nowhere else in the world.'

As he spoke, a dense fog lifted, and before me stood the majestic arch of the Golden Gate. Framed by that span, the whole sweep of the San Francisco skyline appeared - Coit Tower, the Bay Bridge, the downtown skyscrapers and all the other landmarks etched sharply against the brilliant reds and subtle mauves of the billowing sunset clouds.

As dusk fell, the lights of the city twinkled on, reflecting in the blue waters of the bay like some mythical enchanted kingdom. Then, to cap it off, white sailboats danced into the harbor, mirroring the flight of gulls in their graceful motion. I said a grateful prayer for the vision and added, 'Please, God, let me do this beauty justice in my art.'

To all of you who've awaited my new Golden Gate Bridge painting, please know that I've worked hard to make this painting something very special. I can only hope that you'll feel that my prayer was answered."

~~Thomas Kinkade

The Golden Gate Bridge

~~~For many years before the Golden Gate Bridge was built, the only way to get across San Francisco Bay was by ferry, and by the early twentieth century the Bay was clogged with ferries. In the 1920s, engineer and bridge-builder Joseph Strauss became convinced that a bridge should be constructed across the Golden Gate.

~~~Many groups opposed him, each for their own selfish reasons: the military, loggers, the railroads. The engineering challenge was also enormous - the Golden Gate Bridge area has winds of up to 60 miles per hour, and strong ocean currents sweep through a rugged canyon below the surface. If all that weren't enough, it was the middle of the Great Depression, funds were scarce, and the San Francisco Bay Bridge was already under construction. In spite of everything, Strauss persisted, and San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved $35 million in construction bonds

~~~The now-familiar art deco design and International Red color were chosen, and construction began in 1933. The project was completed in 1937. Strauss was a pioneer in building safety, with innovations including hard hats and daily sobriety tests. The Bay Bridge (which was being built at the same time) lost 24 lives while the Golden Gate Bridge lost only 12, an outstanding accomplishment in an era when one man was killed on most construction projects for every million spent.

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