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Skating in the Park
("New York")

Classic Edition

Skating in the Park (New York) by Thomas Kinkade
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The images of this artwork are for illustration purposes only. Yours will be as described below.

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Since 9/11 there have been a surge of requests for scenes of Manhattan. Even those who have only visited New York once or twice, want a artwork of the Big Apple. Thomas has a great affinity for the Big Apple and has painted several New York (Manhattan) scenes over the years.
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Skating in the Park (New York)
Thomas Kinkade created this painting in January 1989. Skating in the Park demonstrates his ability to create a different kind of scene ~~a snow and ice scene ~~ with skaters in motion. (Please Note: This image on the canvas is a LOT better than the digital camera could take. These pictures do not do it justice!)

++++ A Thomas Kinkade FRAMED Classic CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

Here is a statement from the publisher about the Classic Canvas Edition
  • An Affordable Luxury!
  • The most hard-to-find of Thomas Kinkade's best-known and best-loved images Genuine, authorized reproductions on canvas
  • Sized for decorating flexibility
  • The perfect alternative to the sold-out limited editions
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing that your Classic is "Genuine Kinkade" and recreates the original painting to the artist's own specifications.
  • A brass plaque (golden in Color) is attached to the front naming the painting and artist.
  • Presented in a museum quality frame designed to coordinate with the most popular frame styles in the Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition canvas collection

Canvas classics are NOT Hand OR DNA Matrix signed and numbered (that is partly why the price is more affordable.....) but they are fabulous to look at ....

++++ FRAMED in a Antique Gold Museum Quality Frame ~~ ready to hang!

++++ Classics are mounted on artist board

++++ Brass Plaque with the legend "Skating in the Park ~~ Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Signed with a Authorized Logo Signature

++++ Certificate of Authenticity included

++++ Theme ~~ Central Park Manhatten, New York skyline against high rises.

+++++ And this is what Thomas Kinkade said about this work +++++
"One brisk January evening, Nanette and I were enjoying a romantic ride in a hansom cab through New York's Central Park. As we rounded a brightly lit bend, the cabby stopped and announced, "There she is, Wollman Rink." The next day I returned to the newly restored ice rink and was delighted with the bustle and noise of dozens of skaters dipping and gliding on the ice. A light snow all but obscured the silhouette of the famous Plaza Hotel. I decided to paint a nostalgic view of this winter scene."

~~Thomas Kinkade

Central Park, NY, NY

~~~New York's Central Park was originally conceived in the salons of wealthy New Yorkers in the early 1850's where the wealthy could parade in their carriages, socialize, and "be seen," and in which the poor could benefit from clean air and uplifting recreation.

~~~After years of debate over the location, the park's construction finally began in 1857, based on the winner of a park design contest,

~~~Using the power of eminent domain, the city acquired 840 acres located in the center of Manhattan, spanning two and a half miles from 59th Street to 106th Street (in 1863 the park was extended north to 110th Street) and half a mile from Fifth Avenue to Eighth Avenue. In the process, a population of about 1,600 people were relocated and compensated with an average of $700 per lot of land.

Building Central Park

~~~Thousands of Irish, German, and New England-area laborers toiled ten-hour days under the direction of architect-in-chief and head foreman Olmsted for between a dollar and a dollar fifty per day. In the winter of 1858, the park's first area was opened to the public; December of that same year saw New Yorkers skating on the twenty-acre lake south of the Ramble. Today it is the best known Park in the world.

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